Special Issue / Numéro thématique : The Development of the Mathematical Brain


Ansari, D. & Hyde, D. C. (ed.). (2018). The Development of the Mathematical Brain. Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience, 30, 236-343.

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Advances in Understanding the Development of the Mathematical Brain

Pages 236-238

Daniel C. Hyde, Daniel Ansari


Brain areas associated with numbers and calculations in children: Meta-analyses of fMRI studies

Pages 239-250

Marie Arsalidou, Matthew Pawliw-Levac, Mahsa Sadeghi, Juan Pascual-Leone


Where arithmetic and phonology meet: The meta-analytic convergence of arithmetic and phonological processing in the brain

Pages 251-264

Courtney Pollack, Nicole C. Ashby


Arithmetic in the developing brain: A review of brain imaging studies

Pages 265-279

Lien Peters, Bert De Smedt


Prospective relations between resting-state connectivity of parietal subdivisions and arithmetic competence

Pages 280-290

Gavin R. Price, Darren J. Yeo, Eric D. Wilkey, Laurie E. Cutting


Functional hyperconnectivity vanishes in children with developmental dyscalculia after numerical intervention

Pages 291-303

Lars Michels, Ruth O’Gorman, Karin Kucian


Resilience in mathematics after early brain injury: The roles of parental input and early plasticity

Pages 304-313

Dana E. Glenn, Özlem Ece Demir-Lira, Dominic J. Gibson, Eliza L. Congdon, Susan C. Levine


On the role of visual experience in mathematical development: Evidence from blind mathematicians

Pages 314-323

Marie Amalric, Isabelle Denghien, Stanislas Dehaene


Hippocampal spatial mechanisms relate to the development of arithmetic symbol processing in children

Pages 324-332

Romain Mathieu, Justine Epinat-Duclos, Jessica Léone, Michel Fayol, ... Jérôme Prado


A neural basis for the visual sense of number and its development: A steady-state visual evoked potential study in children and adults

Pages 333-343

Joonkoo Park