Neuroeducation special issue in Prospects journal / Numéro spécial de neuroéducation dans la revue Prospects

Brain science, education and learning: Making connections

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Brain science, education, and learning: Making connections

P. T. M. Marope (pp. 187-190)

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Neuroscience, psychology, and society: Translating research to improve learning

Allison Master, Andrew N. Meltzoff, Roberto Lent (pp. 191-198)


The various forms of neuroplasticity: Biological bases of learning and teaching

Fernanda Tovar-Moll, Roberto Lent (pp. 199-213)


Building bridges between psychological science and education: Cultural stereotypes, STEM, and equity

Allison Master, Andrew N. Meltzoff (pp. 215-234)


Effects of enriched auditory experience on infants’ speech perception during the first year of life

T. Christina Zhao, Patricia K. Kuhl (pp. 235-247)

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Physiology and assessment as low-hanging fruit for education overhaul

Sidarta Ribeiro, Natália Bezerra Mota, Valter da Rocha Fernandes…(pp. 249-264)


The biological side of social determinants: Neural costs of childhood poverty

Sebastián J. Lipina (pp. 265-280)


How neuroendocrinology can contribute to early childhood education and care: Cortisol as a supplementary indicator of quality

Amedeo D’Angiulli, Kylie Schibli (pp. 281-299)


Cognitive abilities that mediate SES’s effect on elementary mathematics learning: The Uruguayan tablet-based intervention

Juan Valle-Lisboa, Álvaro Cabana, Robert Eisinger, Álvaro Mailhos… (pp. 301-315)