Special issue: The neural basis of language learning / Dossier thématique: Les bases neuronales de l'apprentissage d'une langue



Volume 98, Pages 1-228, April 2017 

Special Issue: The Neural Basis of Language Learning /
Dossier thématique: Les bases neuronales de l'apprentissage d'une langue
Edited by / Dirigé par Kate Watkins, Denise Klein and Ingrid Johnsrude

The neural basis of language learning: Brief introduction to the special issue    
Pages 1-3 
Kate E. Watkins, Denise Klein, Ingrid S. Johnsrude

Ambiguous function words do not prevent 18-month-olds from building accurate syntactic category expectations: An ERP study    (Original Research Article) 
Pages 4-12 
Perrine Brusini, Ghislaine Dehaene-Lambertz, Marieke van Heugten, Alex de Carvalho, François Goffinet, Anne-Caroline Fiévet, Anne Christophe

The pace of vocabulary growth during preschool predicts cortical structure at school age    (Original Research Article) 
Pages 13-23 
Salomi S. Asaridou, Özlem Ece Demir-Lira, Susan Goldin-Meadow, Steven L. Small

Functional organization of the language network in three- and six-year-old children (Original Research Article)
Pages 24-33 
Kodjo Vissiennon, Angela D. Friederici, Jens Brauer, Chiao-Yi Wu

Bilingualism yields language-specific plasticity in left hemisphere's circuitry for learning to read in young children (Original Research Article)
Pages 34-45 
K.K. Jasińska, M.S. Berens, I. Kovelman, L.A. Petitto 

Morphology, orthography, and the two hemispheres: A divided visual field study with Hindi/Urdu biliterates (Original Research Article)
Pages 46-55 
Chaitra Rao, Jyotsna Vaid 

Neurophysiological evidence for the interplay of speech segmentation and word-referent mapping during novel word learning (Original Research Article)
Pages 56-67 
Clément François, Toni Cunillera, Enara Garcia, Matti Laine, Antoni Rodriguez-Fornells 

Learning and retrieving holistic and componential visual-verbal associations in reading and object naming (Original Research Article)
Pages 68-84 
Connor Quinn, J.S.H. Taylor, Matthew H. Davis 

Newly-acquired words are more phonologically robust in verbal short-term memory when they have associated semantic representations (Original Research Article)
Pages 85-97 
Nicola Savill, Andrew W. Ellis, Elizabeth Jefferies 

Category learning in Alzheimer’s disease and normal cognitive aging depends on initial experience of feature variability (Original Research Article)
Pages 98-110 
Jeffrey S. Phillips, Corey T. McMillan, Edward E. Smith, Murray Grossman 

Brain connections of words, perceptions and actions: A neurobiological model of spatio-temporal semantic activation in the human cortex (Original Research Article)
Pages 111-129 
Rosario Tomasello, Max Garagnani, Thomas Wennekers, Friedemann Pulvermüller 

Neural signatures of second language learning and control (Original Research Article)
Pages 130-138 
James Bartolotti, Kailyn Bradley, Arturo E. Hernandez, Viorica Marian 

The neural bases of the learning and generalization of morphological inflection (Original Research Article)
Pages 139-155 
Michael Nevat, Michael T. Ullman, Zohar Eviatar, Tali Bitan 

On neural correlates of individual differences in novel grammar learning: An fMRI study (Original Research Article)
Pages 156-168 
Olga Kepinska, Mischa de Rover, Johanneke Caspers, Niels O. Schiller 

The role of the left inferior parietal lobule in second language learning: An intensive language training fMRI study (Original Research Article)
Pages 169-176 
Elise B. Barbeau, Xiaoqian J. Chai, Jen-Kai Chen, Jennika Soles, Jonathan Berken, Shari Baum, Kate E. Watkins, Denise Klein 

Native-language N400 and P600 predict dissociable language-learning abilities in adults (Original Research Article)
Pages 177-191 
Zhenghan Qi, Sara D. Beach, Amy S. Finn, Jennifer Minas, Calvin Goetz, Brian Chan, John D.E. Gabrieli 

Personalized learning: From neurogenetics of behaviors to designing optimal language training (Original Research Article)
Pages 192-200 
Patrick C.M. Wong, Loan C. Vuong, Kevin Liu 

Magnetic resonance imaging of the brain and vocal tract: Applications to the study of speech production and language learning (Original Research Article)
Pages 201-211 
Daniel Carey, Carolyn McGettigan 

Cortical thickness increases after simultaneous interpretation training (Original Research Article)
Pages 212-219 
Alexis Hervais-Adelman, Barbara Moser-Mercer, Micah M. Murray, Narly Golestani 

Early bilingualism, language attainment, and brain development (Original Research Article)
Pages 220-227 
Jonathan A. Berken, Vincent L. Gracco, Denise Klein